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Illbruck is a German company specialized in acustic systems for ceilings and walls.

Extended metal ceilings are stylish and high acustic performant ceilings that can be assembled in tradicional T24 ceiling suspension systems.

The main advantages are :

Elegant ceiling with a sharp look;

Easy assembly and disassembly of the ceiling;

A good acustic ceiling when it uses the acustic foam

Good fire resistance leves (class 2 Norm DIN 4102), with a fire resistance of 60 minutes
Illbruck - General catalog (Eng) Part I Download
Illbruck - General catalog (Eng) Part II Download
Illbruck - Squareline Comercial (Eng) Download
Illbruck - Squareline Technical (Eng) Download
Illbruck - Apexline Technical (Eng) Download

Other information

If you need more information, please visit ILLBRUCK
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